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Community Outreach


Community or Commercial, Building is Our Business

When it comes to Community Outreach, we don't just measure our community service impact by the numbers. Partnering with local nonprofits and industry organizations to make a real difference is what we call ROI.

With a core focus on safe and affordable housing, health and wellness, education, and sustainability, we are greatly rewarded to see how our efforts benefit our community and more importantly, how they continue to affect real change in the lives of thousands of people. Whether we are renovating low-income housing, creating new space in an after-school facility serving at-risk kids, revitalizing a performance theater for DC Public Schools, or providing career coaching and interview seminars to underprivileged adults — we are proud to invest at every level.


Some of our best jobs aren't for profit, and for these, we're happy to work for free. Each year in addition to financial and material donations, we give over 2,000 hours to our nonprofit partners. We don't just support our community; we help build it.


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